Aaliya Manji (Chair)

‘A chit-chat means feeling like I’m a part of something bigger than just myself.’

Ollie Stokes (Vice Chair) 

‘It’s more than just a chance to get a point across; it’s about giving something back, even if it’s only a bit of your time.’

Sam Richardson

‘For me the importance of a chit-chat is that you might be the only person to speak with that person in one day. See that opportunity as an invitation to make someone feel significant.’

India Benjamin

‘It means reclaiming part of the day to positively connect with someone, and hopefully having a bit of a laugh!’

Tim Adelani

‘A chit-chat is always meaningful, whether you’re talking about anything and everything, or nothing at all.’

Ethan Luc

‘A chance to learn from and share a laugh with someone else.’

Neve Gordon-Farleigh

‘A conversation is a place to go where you know someone will listen.’

Kofo Boboye

 ‘chit-chat to me means creating a space for fun, intellectual, challenging and connecting conversations – the gateway to better understanding our society.’

Gunika Phalswal

‘A chit-chat is a heartfelt conversation we can have with one another, where we can share our emotions and experiences without any fear of judgment.’

Jack Larkins

‘Communication is merely an exchange of information, but connection is an exchange of our humanity.’

Matthew Tramonte

‘A chit-chat is just as much about talking as it is about listening. You can only truly build a connection with someone when you’ve contributed to both parts of the conversation.’