Why we exist. 

A brew, a biscuit and a chit-chat. Life doesn’t get any better than that, right?

At chit-chat, there’s a conversation for everyone. Labels shouldn’t define you. Regardless of your gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, background or interests, we’re here to have a proper chit-chat. 

Everyone is welcome. Everyone’s voice should be heard.

The power of a simple conversation should not be underestimated. chit-chat wants to keep the nation connected, emphasising the importance of community and belonging.

We are here to fill a gap in need in the UK and be the go-to place for a chat, providing people with a safe space for meaningful conversations, human connections and interactions. 

Who we are.

chit-chat is a new national non-profit organisation, creating a casual, inclusive and non-judgmental space for anyone to communicate about anything.

We’re not your typical start-up social enterprise – we were built from a bedroom in Blackburn during the peak of a global pandemic and we’re here to do things differently.

Our mission = To provide a platform for people to chat and interact with others, connecting the nation through conversation.

Our vision = To create a world where everyone has someone to chat to.

Any conversation is welcome, from the weather, favourite movies or music, to sport, culture and food. We’d love people to grab a brew, give us a call and join our social media community. 

Our enthusiastic volunteers oversee our phone line and social media throughout the week and are committed to having a friendly chat with anyone who reaches out.

Whilst we strive to unlock the power of conversation and bring people together, we are not a medical organisation, counselling service or helpline. If someone has a more complex need or worry, we can signpost them to relevant charities and agencies for specific help.

At chit-chat, we aim…

To ensure everyone can have a conversation that suits them.

To develop meaningful connections, bringing people together and reinforcing community spirit.

To tackle loneliness and isolation head-on, promoting positive emotional, psychological and digital well-being.

To leverage the power of volunteers.

Our impact.

chit-chat is here for the long-term. We will continue to grow, adapt and push our boundaries, chit-chatting with as many people as possible.

Imagine a world where people from all backgrounds can have a conversation. Where they want, when they want, how they want.

This is our ambition.